DocLexiTM Professional Version seamlessly integrates the app into therapy. It addresses speech therapists and teachers SENCOs – special educational needs coordinators, language/speech therapists, reading specialists, teachers, physicians and (elementary) schools (K-4). It offers additional functionality and features as compared to the Consumer Version due to its online-administration via PC browser, e.g. allowing real-time progress checks.


• TeleTherapie and TeleLearning made simple

• Easy log-in independent of the therapist’s location, so changes and reviewing progress can be done in real time


• Online-administration to configure and follow progress via PC browser

• Administer user accounts

• Define individual training plans

• Comprehensive statistics, e.g. also comparing to other children

• Alarms to easier control performance and activity

a) Time-based rules: last acitivity, last Daily Test, Training Plan step left out

b) Performance-based rules: Declining performance in control period versus a defined pre-period